Monday, January 27, 2014

The Realm of the Lost by Emma Eden Ramos

  Kathleen "Kat" Gallagher has had enough. Ever since her parents' divorce, Kat's been overwhelmed by life, her family, and her future. Kat is exhausted with life, and she's only thirteen years old.
  One day in December, after having an argument with her sister Ellie, Kat makes a mad dash away from her, accidentally runs in front of an SUV and is killed on contact.
  Kat then wakes up in a foreign place, in a foreign a foreign realm. Kat is in the Realm of the Lost. She must now adjust to life in the In Between, until she learns how to move on to the next realm. If she doesn't learn and accomplish what she's meant to accomplish, she may very well end up in the realm of unfinished and trapped souls.
  I have fallen in love with Emma Eden Ramos' stories! They're so short, action packed, and so detailed, it's like a tiny movie playing in my head every time I pick up a new Ramos novel. Still, at Your Door is still my favorite piece of her work, but The Realm of the Lost was equally as entertaining and memorable.
  You would assume that with such heavy subject matter, the story would be dark and depressing, and completely unsuitable for middle schoolers, but honestly the way Emma Eden Ramos portrays the "In Between" is incredibly tasteful.
  Still, at Your Door is very real and emotional, whereas The Realm of the Lost is adventurous and fictional. Both have very many endearing qualities.
  Emma Eden Ramos is a master storyteller. I could have her tell me stories like Still, at Your Door and The Realm of the Lost all day, every day.


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