Monday, January 20, 2014

The Literary Connoisseur's Big News

  Well! After teasing you all for a few days (sorry about that...), I've decided to announce my BIG NEWS! 
The Literary Connoisseur is partnering up with Book Scents Candles!!! 

That means I will be bombarding you all with everything Book Scents Candles. I will direct you to the website, I'll share Book Scents Candles announcements, I will run giveaways, and overall, I will have you go over there and check out their latest and greatest candles! I have just recently received some candles from the company and I've been burning them since the day I found them in my mailbox. They are MAGNIFICENT. As soon as one's lit, the scent fills the room and you're instantly transported into your favorite book. 
  Each candle has a unique essence that represents a specific literary character or personality. Book Scents Candles has scents such as Katniss from The Hunger Games, Jamie from Outlander, various scents from the Exit Unicorns series by Cindy Brandner, and many more that we can all enjoy and experience. 

Here's what was in my box...

From left to right, I received: "Katniss" (a unique scent of warm strawberries with fiery undertones), "Naughty Celt" (a sensual blend of sandalwood, bergamot, orange, leather, and musk), and "Lord John" (the fresh clean scent of warm linen sheets).

As I said before, I've been burning these candles since I received them a few days ago, and my house smells absolutely incredible. As I walk through my living room, I can smell the forests that Katniss Everdeen so frequently explores. 

As I close my eyes I am instantly transported into the world that is emanating from these gorgeous scents. I smell Lord John Grey's candle from the Outlander series and I can picture John sitting in his den, sipping a chilled glass of port as he contemplates his next move in British politics. 

As for Naughty array of Naughty Celts come to mind when I smell this beautiful mixture. Bergamot, orange, leather, and musk go with every single dashing Celt I can think of! 

Yesterday I spent my day reading, sipping on some hot tea with a beautiful new scent permeating my reading room and it was blissful.

These candles are positively magnificent and Book Scents Candles is a wonderful company that brings the scents of the fictional world in the real world. 

Check out Book Scents Candles' website here!

And their Facebook page here!

Don't be afraid to ask questions when you head over there and tell them The Literary Connoisseur sent you! ;-)