Saturday, January 18, 2014

Nerd Girl by Sue Lee

  Their relationship started with a bang. Literally.
  As Julia Hayes makes her way across the street to her job interview in the beautiful city of Seattle, she is hit by a car driven by Ryan McGraw. Thankfully the only thing that suffers from the crash is Julia's laptop, and now her heart from being struck by Cupid's arrow. From that moment, Julia and Ryan have been bumping into each other (fortunately without anybody being hit by a car) repeatedly, until they decide to make a date out of it.
  Meanwhile, Julia has just landed herself a dream job. But there's a minor problem with the's Ryan.
  Nerd Girl was hilarious, precious, and it had the most charming qualities a romantic comedy like this could have. It was just so adorable, I looked forward to it every time I picked it up. Sue Lee's writing is incredibly  intelligent and is extremely addicting.
  Actually, once I hit the 50% mark on my Kindle, I literally could not stop. I was hooked- there was a certain point in the book where the spit hit the fan, and things were going down.
  Which brings me to my next point in this review...there was a seriousness in the plot that sky-rocketed this book out of the "romantic comedy" genre, and into a love story with all of the fixins.
  At one point I almost cried.
  The emotional balance is this book is just perfection. The comedy, the romance, the terror of a broken heart, the sadness, and most of all, the feel-good sense that emanates from the story is irresistible.
  Not to mention, Julia makes several Harry Potter references throughout the book making the inner geek in me (which is a huge part of my personality) VERY happy.
  Nerd Girl is a lovely novel that will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone.

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