Monday, April 21, 2014

A Dreaming Moon by Tami Lynne

  Being half human and half God, Hatebe has been chosen as the sacrosanct, or speaker to the Gods. Because of her holy blood, she has been chosen to be the pure and blessed healer of her tribe. A lot has been put on poor young Hatebe's shoulders.
  Along with her coming of age, the growth of her feelings for her friend Ditan, and the pressure that's been put upon her, there are more troubles to come to Hatebe's tribe. Pale faced warriors are storming their land and killing everyone who inhabits it.
  With her life now in pieces, Hatebe must now rebuild her life, her faith, and her tribe.
  From the very first page of A Dreaming Moon by Tami Lynne, I was intrigued. There was no "slow beginning." Her writing was effortless and easy to get into (I didn't feel like I had to try to understand what she was describing), and her characters and scenery were just positively breathtaking.
  This book was beautifully done. Very well-written, incredibly entertaining, and there was a bit of everything in it for everyone. I cannot see anyone disliking this book.
  When I finished it, I rated it five stars. I thought that anything less wouldn't be doing it the proper justice. I even private messaged Tami Lynne and asked her about the other books in the Children of the Moon series...
  ...A few seconds later, she sent me an email with the second book.
  In addition to the many positives in A Dreaming Moon, I have to say, Tami Lynne is incredibly personable, and an absolute sweetheart.
  I will recommend this book to my friends and acquaintances, and I'm sure as I read on in the series, I will recommend the other books as well.

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