Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Take Care, Sara by Lindy Zart

  What would you do if your one true love was suddenly taken from you? After a cruel twist of fate, you must learn to cope on your own, and keep on pedaling forward no matter how much it hurts. Or you break down, realize you can't take it anymore...and try to follow the same path your loved one took.
  This is where Sara Walker is now. Teetering on the edge of living, and barely functioning.
  Sara doesn't know what to do with herself. As her husband lies in a hospital bed, barely able to keep his heart beating on his own, Sara is losing it and she doesn't think she'll ever come back.
  But Sara has Lincoln, her husband Cole's brother.
  Lincoln is losing his brother as well, but he puts on a brave face to keep his sister-in-law from collapsing into oblivion. Thankfully for Sara, Lincoln is there for her.
  After reading Lindy Zart's Anything But series (Ordinary first, then Unremarkable- AMAZING series), I knew I would fall in love with anything and everything Lindy writes, even though she writes different genres.
  I was right.
  Take Care, Sara was so emotional and raw, her characters were so lifelike! There was no miraculous revelation of getting over her husband's vegetative state. Her characters showed real emotions, and when they hurt, I hurt as well.
  Her book was pure reality.
  Take Care, Sara was absolutely beautiful. Her characters' growth, the way Lindy portrayed what was running through Sara and Lincoln's minds, and the way Lindy wrapped everything up at the end was just so beautiful.
  I loved it.

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