Friday, April 4, 2014

The Last Dragon Slayer by Martyn Stanley

  The Last Dragon Slayer is the story of Saul Karza, a talented wizard, Korhan, a young warrior, Harald, an adventurer, Votrex, an incredibly strong dwarf, and Silas, The Last Dragon Slayer, and their quest to slay a noble dragon in the land of Torea.
  Along the way they find Brael, a dark elf who's been sentenced to death because of his rare species (who also happens to be my favorite character), and Lady Vashni, a strong female elf who takes a liking to Korhan.
  As the book started, I got well acquainted with the characters and their quest to slay the mighty dragon. It started off slowly, which I didn't mind because I was thoroughly enjoying "meeting" these characters. Soon after we met Silas, "The Last Dragon Slayer," we met Brael and that's when I got hooked.
  I loved Brael, I loved his species, and I knew for sure that the story was going to be promising. But unfortunately, I have to say that if the plot focused more on his story, and the gang's adventure, I would have loved it all of the way though.
  I have a hard time adjusting to female characters once they're introduced in a "mainly male" story, and Lady Vashni was no exception. I didn't care for her at all, or the way she treated Korhan, and unfortunately after a bit into the book, she was the main focus.
  When Brael or Saul would speak up, I would get excited, hoping that the story was going to shift back to them again, but that didn't happen. Vashni and Korhan took over the story.
  I'm not typically one for fantasy either, but occasionally one will peak my interest. I was hoping that The Last Dragon Slayer would grab me like that. I adored all of Mr Stanley's other characters, I just wish he would have focused more on them.
  I'm hoping that in the future, we will learn more about his other characters, and that the spotlight will be taken a bit off of Lady Vashni so that the others will get a chance.
  Mr Stanley's story was promising, his writing was nice, and his characters have a lot of potential, but I'm sorry to say that this wasn't the book for me. Though if Brael got his own book, I would really like to read it.

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