Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lucy, Fallen by Yolanda Olson

  Good and Evil must come together to save the world as we know it, and save Lucy and Deveraux's love as well.

  Heaven and Hell are natural enemies, but what happens when an angel and a devil fall in love? Chaos ensues. Lucy has fallen in the Western Province and is now held captive by Deveraux, a beautiful and irresistible Elder Devil. Together, the two of them fight through Above and Below to save their friend, and their love.
  After being a fan of hers for as long as I can remember, I've finally read my very first Yolanda Olson novel! Lucy, Fallen was a brilliant choice. It had me entertained and hooked the whole way through.
  It is a short read (it'll take you less than twenty-four hours to start and finish) but you better believe I took my time with it! I very much enjoyed it.
  Lucy, Fallen is quite steamy! Steamy in a good way. I didn't get uncomfortable whatsoever while reading this novel. Sometimes, if there are frequent enough sex scenes, I become uncomfortable and deem it unnecessary, but Lucy, Fallen was a perfect balance of romance and steaminess. Yolanda did a fantastic job! It was very tasteful and sweet.
  I also became very attached to the characters, almost from the very beginning. I fell in love with Lucy and Dev almost immediately.
  Their personalities balance each other's quite nicely.
  After being introduced to Yolanda Olson's writing in a proper way, and instead of just following her on Facebook, I can now say that I am a true fan and I very much look forward to reading more of her work.
  Yolanda Olson rocks!

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