Friday, April 18, 2014

George Knows by Mindy Mymudes

  George Knows is the story of George, an egotistical basset hound familiar, whose world revolves around food and his witch owner (girlpup, in George's language), Karly.
  Chaos has come to George and Karly's town when a business is attempting to tear down their local park, and a mysterious creature starts lurking in their forests...and leaving behind human bones.
  With both situations causing unease for the locals, George, Karly, and their family take it upon themselves to protect the town and those around them.
  George Knows is told by George, which gives you an interesting perspective on the story. While George witnesses the family working together and plotting their plan of attack, his mind constantly wanders to food, playing, and everything else you'd expect to constantly be running through a dog's mind. It definitely puts an interesting spin on the perspective of the story.
  It was written for Middle Grade readers, and I myself concur that this book is appropriate for children to teenagers. It has an intriguing and mysterious plot that can be intense, but it is not violent or inappropriate for young readers.
  I may not be the proper person to give a full opinion of this book because I am not of the target age, but if the plot is intriguing to you, your child, your niece or nephew, by all means download it!
  It's very entertaining, quite funny, and it has a very promising story!
  My time with George, Karly, and the mysterious creature was very enjoyable. Mindy Mymudes created a very different story that perhaps has a future as a movie.



  1. Thank you for meeting George!

  2. I'd highly recommend George to kids. It's a really fun read!

  3. Mindy is my buddy, and by way of relation, so is George :-)

  4. Ironically, I was JUST reading about George the other day when looking up recommendations for kids over the summer. And here he appears!