Friday, April 11, 2014

Kentucky Moon by Wes McCloud

  Kentucky Moon is about a man, his lovely wife, and their three dogs (who they treat as their children). They live in the depths of Kentucky during the Great Depression. They live a very simple life, but what they have is all they need; love, happiness, and dogs to cuddle up with at night.
  Everything is simple and perfect for Carl Webb and his family. Everything except for a mysterious and murderous killer, lurking within the dark maze of the forest and killing local wildlife.
  Carl doesn't know this, of course, until he stumbles across a massacred bear carcass, that was in no way killed by a hunter, or another bear... It was killed by something with normal-sized hand prints.
  Of course, as I was reading my first Wes McCloud novel, Kentucky Moon, I was more than intrigued. He had set up a plot-line that would no doubt keep me entertained, busy, and obsessively wondering for the next twenty-four hours. (I read quickly.)
  Kentucky Moon was very suspenseful, and in one chapter, spooky enough that I jumped at every single noise that happened around me. (Cats running around, people speaking to me, a speck of dust touching my arm, etc.)
  Wes McCloud has a talent for detail, absolutely no doubt about it. As soon as I started, I was quickly immersed in the atmosphere and the sights and sounds in this story. It was almost as if I were there with Carl, Lila, and Jon (Carl's brother).
  Now, there was one thing that I did get caught on while reading, and that was the strong accents of the characters. They all had a heavy twang, and I did have a hard time adjusting to it, but you'll get used to it like I did. (While hunting for a bear-killing creature, you don't spend too much time talking anyway!)
  Well done, Mr McCloud, well done. I enjoyed this book a lot.

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