Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Lost One by Meg Collett

  The Lost One by Meg Collett is the second book in the End of Days trilogy, and now, it is my favorite. Before I started it, I chatted with Ms Collett and she told me that this installment of the End of Days series was her personal favorite, and that she thinks she did the best job on it.
  Of course I thought, "Oh, she's the author. It's different for her. I'm sure The Hunted One (book one) will continue to be my favorite out of the two."
  And now...I say this: Meg was right, and I was wrong.
  The Lost One is AMAZING! The continuation of the story, the plot development, and the character progression are beyond incredible. Of course I fell in love with Michaela and Clark as soon as they met in The Hunted One, but as I read on in The Lost One, I truly realized how exceptional they are. They're not just neat characters, they're some of my favorite characters in literary history! Their chemistry is absolute perfection.
  If you are not (YET) a fan of the End of Days series, let me catch you up...
  In The Hunted One, Michaela has just been tricked by her angelic brothers and sisters, she is now cast out of Heaven, and her wings have been extracted from her body. Clark (a human ally) stumbles across a nearly dead Michaela and helps to nurse her back to health. Together they fight to bring Heaven back to the way it once was.
  In The Lost One, Michaela has been betrayed by her love Gabriel, and she's desperately trying to protect the seals of Heaven from the ones who want it most, the Aethere. Meanwhile, the sky is (almost literally) falling, and the ten plagues are being cast on everyone around them. All Hell has broken loose.
  The way that Meg Collett tells this story is truly remarkable. She has a knack for storytelling, and a talent for putting me on the edge of my seat!
  These books are beyond brilliant, I just can't get enough of them.
  Which brings me to my next question...Meg, when will I get a book three??

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