Monday, March 14, 2016

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

  Without warning, the driver plowed into a group of victims, killing eight and injuring countless others.
  The killer, Mr. Mercedes, says he's done. That that act of terror was enough to quench his thirst. But he's wrong. He's still bloodthirsty, and this time, he'll aim for a bigger crowd.
  Retired cop, Bill Hodges, says he's done with the force. But he's wrong as well. One day, when he receives a jibing letter in the mail from the killer himself, he vows to find Mr. Mercedes, even if it kills him.
  When Mr. Mercedes was recommended to me (by my mother--thanks, mom), I was told that it wasn't as extraordinary as 11/22/63, Doctor Sleep, and Joyland, at least in her opinion. Those three being some of her favorites, I figured that she must be right, and that I would find it as enjoyable as something along the lines of It or The Shining.
  Regardless, I put it on my TBR (To Be Read) list, and figured I would pick it up when I had a break in my reading schedule.
  I make plans, and the Book Gods laugh.
  A few weeks ago, my parents left me to my own devices in a large department store to occupy myself while they sorted out their taxes, and I picked up Mr. Mercedes to immerse myself in fiction (as one always does when they're left alone and have time on their hands).
  However long I was sitting there, it was not long enough.
  From the prologue, Mr. King had me at the edge of my seat. (An open apology to the future buyer of that particular copy of Mr. Mercedes--I'm almost sure I gripped the pages hard enough to leave creases.)
  This book is exceptional. Another triumph of Stephen King's. I loved this book just as much as I loved my book hangover-producing, horribly addicting, absolutely incredible other favorites of his. When I approached my mom after the fact, she told me, "Oh, I must have been thinking of another book." Of course.
  I'm almost glad I went into this story with low expectations, because I was, almost literally, swept off my feet. (The chair I was sitting in at the department store was very weak.)
  So, although I'm most likely building up your expectations now, I still say you should go into Mr. Mercedes with an open mind. It's dark, violent, and certainly disturbing, but, as the killer would be satisfied hearing, this is a story you will never forget.

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