Friday, December 6, 2019

Molls Like It Hot by Darren Dash

 Brutal, raw, disturbing…and positively addicting, Molls Like it Hot is unlike any Darren Dash novel I’ve ever read. It has the dark and suspenseful intrigue that a reader can expect from any story of his, absolutely, but it took me on a wild ride that I wouldn’t have expected from an expert horror writer like Darren Dash
  As I read, my mother would ask me, “How are you liking the book?” I honestly couldn’t reply with a cohesive answer. My mind whirled with questions, emotional pleas, and even more confused, frantic questions. I wasn’t a fan of the female protagonist, Toni, but I was hooked on her story… Just how she was added to the mix. I was desperate to find out more about this character that I didn’t even like. Without giving away too much information, I felt as if I had as much of a love/hate relationship with the two main characters (Eyrie and Toni) as they had with each other. Was this on purpose? Was I supposed to admire these characters one minute and despise them the next? Did Darren Dash want me to feel all of these things? If so, bravo. They certainly garnered a reaction out of me.   
  Although the question of, “Where do my feelings about this book lie,” was uncertain and went unanswered as I read the book, one thing is for certain now that the story is over. Molls Like It Hot stuck with me like you wouldn’t believe.
  There comes a certain risk with books that you adore from the very beginning. The protagonists can lose character development, the ending is sometimes disappointingly predictable, the author can ramble into uncharted territory that only makes sense in their own mind and lose the readers’ interest (although I’ll never reveal which book/author I’m talking about in particular…), and so on. That is a risk I never have to take with a novel from Darren Dash. No matter how surprising or unexpected a book of his is, I always walk away feeling as if my mind has been blown. Molls Like It Hot in particular. I have no idea what happened, I have no idea where the time went as I read, I have no proper words to describe what this book has done to me, but I do know this: Molls Like It Hot is a book I will never forget. 

It angers, it captivates, it intrigues, and it is everything one would desire from a Darren Dash novel.

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