About the Connoisseur

Hello, everyone!

For the longest time, I would only read books and beg anyone who would listen to read them as well, so I wasn't alone in the fangirling. But overall, that ended up being a lot of squealing, slapping and chewing my friend's ear off. I honestly never know when to shut up.
  So deep down I must have always known that I wanted to be a book blogger. I wanted to be able to explain why I love certain books and hate others to people who will listen. (Hopefully I'll develop a following -with your help- and readers will listen!)
  I've taken a look at some of the other book blogs out there and I've noticed one thing: they're all focused on one genre and one genre only, whether it's just romance, just mystery or just YA fiction.
  So here's my blog where I cover everything from the heroism in Jane Eyre, to the teen angst in Twilight, to the magic in Harry Potter.
  Here's my unique book blog, enjoy and Happy Reading!

  The Literary Connoisseur <3