Tuesday, August 2, 2016

End of Watch by Stephen King

  End of Watch, Stephen King's latest and last installment of the Bill Hodges/Mr. Mercedes trilogy, is the perfect ending to such an exciting and intense story.
  With Mr. Mercedes going one direction, and Finders Keepers (book two) going another, End of Watch ties the two together, and serves a perfect ending for our two main characters.
  I will be honest in saying that I feel as if End of Watch is missing the gripping action of the previous two books, which isn't a bad thing. This factor just distinguishes End of Watch from its two predecessors. This book has more narrative than dialogue, and more thinking than action, which has its reasons, for in End of Watch we learn more about Brady's previous, and unfortunately, current plans to wreak havoc.
  When I talk about my favorite Stephen King books to friends, I of course, mention the obvious. Doctor Sleep, 11/22/63, and Duma Key to name a few. I also say Mr. Mercedes, without hesitation. When I first fell in love with Bill Hodges, I was worried that his later books wouldn't satisfy as well as book one, but now that the series is over, I'm relieved to say that the entire trilogy has made it to my top favorite pieces of work by Mr. King. 

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