Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Athena's Daughter by Juli Page Morgan

  Athena's Daughter was an absolutely delightful read.
  After a steamy relationship with a British rock star (from a band called "Wolf"), Athena- our heroine- gets deported back to America on an expired visa...pregnant with his child. When Athena attempts to call Derek- our love interest- to tell him about her pregnancy, she gets another woman on the phone telling her that she's engaged...to Derek. Furious, Athena lifts her chin, wipes tears away from her eyes and decides to raise their child on her own.
  Fast forward to the mid 70s (six years later), Athena is now older, wiser and manages a record store. The record store- Stax of Wax- has just booked a band...called "Wolf."
  They agree to work together in peace, Athena now being paid extra to help manage Derek's band. But one thing is conflicting that agreement: Rekindled love. With heartbreak comes mending and that's just what's needed in Athena, Derek and Elizabeth's (Athena's daughter's) relationship.
  Now as you may know from previous book reviews, I have major pet peeves when it comes to female main characters, children written by adults and music (particularly song lyrics) in books. But when I read Athena's Daughter by Juli Page Morgan, I was happily sated with all three. The child, Elizabeth, wasn't obnoxious or bratty, the lyrics were easy to read and understand the symbolism and Athena was absolutely BRILLIANT. Hilarious, relatable and smart, Athena moved to my top favorite heroines in literature.
  There was one problem though... When Athena, Derek or Elizabeth got upset, I got upset!
  I became emotionally tied to the characters and only truly amazing authors can do that to their readers.

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