Sunday, July 7, 2013

Between Two Worlds: My Life and Captivity in Iran by Roxana Saberi

  Between Two Worlds: My life and Captivity in Iran was the first biography I've ever read and boy, did it get me addicted to biographies!
  Roxana Saberi, a half Iranian, half Japanese American journalist figures too many novels have been written about Japanese culture so she decides to travel to Iran to research that culture and their traditions.
  But in the process of doing so, she's arrested and brought to an Iranian women's prison for 100 days, accused of being an American spy.
  This is the story of her survival and experiences of being an innocent prisoner in Iran. The story details her hunger strike, her longing for being free, her missing her family and her life inside the prison. This book absolutely terrified me and made me appreciate Roxana Saberi's bravery. Her struggle of being treated as an American spy, by her very own culture, is absolutely shocking and horrifying.
  As I read this book, I feared for her life and even had to look up a present day interview to reassure myself that she was okay and no longer in captivity 
  This was my first ever biography and to this day, it remains my favorite. 

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