Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves

  On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves has to be one of the sweetest love stories I've ever read.
  When Anna and T.J.- a private tutor and her student- survive a plane crash and barely escape with their lives, they drift to an uncharted island and become stranded. Starving, sickly and stir crazy, they cling to the only scrap of happiness available... Each other.
  They build a life together and learn to adapt to a new environment. As every day, week and month go by, chances of survival seem to become more and more impossible.
  On the island, their love is sizzling and charming, but in our world will their relationship be accepted because of their age difference? Will they ever be rescued and find out?
  Anna and T.J.'s romance, desperation, humor and strong will have torn my emotions apart in countless ways. This book is so unique... So adventurous. So lovable!
  I adored every page and ate through it like cotton candy.
  But even though it was a light read and took me not a day to finish, it left a HUGE impact on me. To this day, I still refer back to Anna and T.J.... Their nail biting story, their forbidden love and most of all, their desperate acts of survival.
  I recommend this book to EVERYONE, absolutely everyone!
  It's a perfect Summer read, but equally as perfect in any other season. This is definitely one of my favorite novels of all time.
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  1. I'm glad you liked this book as much as I did!! Happy I could help you find an awesome book!! :-)

  2. I truly did!
    It was a blissful read, perfect for escapism. Thank you so much for recommending it, Tara!