Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dragon Fate by J.D. Hallowell

  As an avid reader, I try all sorts of genres to see what I enjoy reading about, what piques my interest and what is popular at the time. That being said, I have not read many books like J.D. Hallowell's Dragon Fate. I do not normally pick up books about war, dragons, action, or those (I'm ashamed to say) I typically stereotype. But Dragon Fate was different.
  Dragons, action and adventure are not my typical forte. But readers, I cannot even begin to tell you what I would have missed out on if I had decided not to read this book.
  Delno, the hero of Dragon Fate, comes across an enormous dragon at the beginning of the novel and finds that she's dying due to the loss of her rider...and she's carrying a dragon egg.
  After Delno helps the dragon expel the egg, he becomes bonded with the offspring and builds a connection that only a dragon and her rider can share.
  This book absolutely had me entranced right away. At one point during my captivated reading, I was forced to put the book down and watch television with my family, but then soon found myself continuing on to the next chapter, nonstop, AS my family was watching TV.
  I loved every single thing about this book: Delno, his dragon (which I wont tell you the name of because you have to read it and find out for yourselves!), the action, everything in between and especially the author's writing. J.D. Hallowell's story telling is magnificent. He had a way of describing scenery, characteristics and personalities of the characters, and most of all explaining and teaching his readers about the mechanics and details of something that's made up (that we know of) such as a dragon. It was absolutely incredible.
  I will NOT compare Dragon Fate to any dragon related books or other books that are in its genre because I don't think that would be fair to the authors.
  Dragon Fate is unique and an exciting and adventurous read. It teaches love, loyalty, honor and friendship and I anxiously await starting the sequel to Dragon Fate, Dragon Blade, and reuniting with J.D. Hallowell's dragons and their heroic riders!

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