Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Trusting Again by Peggy Bird

 Cynthia Blaine is a normal, every day woman who happens to be in the right place at the right time, and runs into the most gorgeous man on earth, Marius Hernandez.
  Although the run in appears meant to be, Cynthia soon realizes that Marius is not only purchasing a piece of Cynthia's jewelry, but he's doing it for a "friend" of his...a woman.
  Crushed and losing hope of finding him again, Cynthia returns to her normal, mundane life.
  Fast forward to present day, Cynthia has once again run into the same charming and dashing Marius Hernandez and this time they make a close and seductive connection.
  Cynthia and Marius spend so many steamy nights together, you'll be fanning yourself repeatedly and cooling your warm cheeks. Their chemistry together is irresistible.
  But with every perfect couple, there are plot turning problems that'll threaten to take away whatever "Happily Ever After" you've imagined in your mind. Peggy Bird's writing is fun and easy, but her characters will torture you with their emotional turmoil. Trusting Again is the fourth installment in the Second Chances series, but even without reading previous works of Peggy Bird, I had no trouble whatsoever with keeping track of the plot and characters. (And believe me, I get confused VERY easily.)
  Trusting Again is a sensual and steamy read that'll keep you turning (or clicking, in an ebook's case) the next page.                     



  1. I loved Ms. Bird's first novel, Beginning Again. I can't wait to read her other novels!