Friday, July 26, 2013

Passionfruit and Poetry by Téa Cooper

  Passionfruit and Poetry by Téa Cooper is the very definition of a "feel good book." It is short and sweet, but don't let that fool you, it's also packed full of love, lust and betrayal. I absolutely ADORED this book.
  Jeanie Baker (the main character of Passionfruit and Poetry) was incredibly strong, relatable and lovable.
  Jeanie hates having her picture taken. So when a hoard of professional photographers and camera crews comes to her grandmother's café to do a promotional shoot, it's no exception. But Jeanie catches the eye of a handsome, charming and famous photographer and he proposes that she enter her seductive, fingernail-biting, café picture in a magazine cover girl contest...and he falls in love with her.
  She doesn't find anything spectacular about herself, especially with her overly curvy hips, track record with love and traumatizing past, but Xander Fitzgerald (the photographer and Jeanie's love interest) thinks she's the most gorgeous creature on earth...and he falls in love with her.
  I loved this book. I would (and will) read anything written by Téa Cooper now because I've fallen in love with her writing and stories.
  It's a perfect summer read with it being light, sweet, sentimental and romantic.
  Jeanie struggles with self confidence, but in Passionfruit and Poetry, she learns to love herself for who she is...and that's just another reason why I love this story: The characters' personal growth and progression.
  For women, this book is wonderful for teaching you that there's always someone who will only find the perfect things about you and love you despite your faults. Téa Cooper's writing and story is inspirational for women everywhere.

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