Sunday, July 21, 2013

Carrie by Stephen King

  Carrie was (and still is) my first Stephen King novel. I have to tell you, I was a bit apprehensive with starting his work. You hear so much about the brilliance that is Stephen King and how people still have nightmares and look under their beds because of his books.
  And although Carrie wasn't absolutely horrifying and terrifying, it did not lack the brilliance I expected of it. Perhaps I should have started with something a little more scary to ease myself into Stephen King's story telling, but Carrie is truly an amazing novel!
  Less than 200 pages long, Carrie sums up the pain and torture that bullying inflicts. There's name calling, teasing and poking fun, but in Carrie it goes too far...
  With Carrie being a target for bullies in school, her unhealthy home environment (via her overly religious and mentally unstable mother), and her telekinesis powers, Carrie's prom night turns out much differently than she had hoped.
  This book is mostly made up of interviews from police officers, journalists and prom night survivors, written in almost a poetic sort of way. It's very unique to say the least.
  Carrie (book and character) absolutely and completely broke my heart. To this day when I think back to it, it eerily reminds me of a reopened wound; almost as fresh and painful as the day it was put there. Of course because someone's different (and has a psychotic mother who may not have taught her daughter all of the beneficial facts about life that an average teenage girl needs to know) the kids at school pick on her and point out the fact that she's different.
  As an ex home schooler (although, for home schoolers, you never truly leave because even after graduation you continue learning) I can't help but feel that if Carrie were home schooled (and didn't have a lunatic for a mother), prom night would have ended A LOT differently. But where would be the plot in that? Carrie would just be an average, home schooled girl with telekinesis. In a sick, twisted way, it was good for Stephen King to write this. It's a good way to get the message out there, to not bully because someone is different or has issues at home.
  But even though there were horrible bullies in school who essentially led to the prom night's demise, there were a few exceptions...but they had to suffer the repercussions of horrible heartless bullying.

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  1. His best work, in my opinion, is THE STAND. It's an epic and biblical-type story of good versus evil. It's one of my all-time favorite books, and I recommend it to everyone. (Funny story - my FIL thought I was a King horror fan and kept giving me King horror books to add to my 'collection'. Except I don't like horror stories. Just THE STAND. But I have an impressive collection of King hardbacks to show my FIL's enthusiasm. *g*)

  2. Oh, Becca, I forgot one. we just read it for book club - it's called THE EYES OF THE DRAGON. It's a great fantasy/fairy tale story. Loved it, too!

  3. I think my favorite Stephen King stories are probably Firestarter, The Body, and The Dead Zone.

  4. Being someone who has collected all and read most of Stephen King's novels, I am eagerly awaiting "Doctor Sleep", the sequel to "The Shining". I also just picked up "Joyland" and am looking forward to reading it soon. Nice review of "Carrie" is on my re-read list!

  5. I am a fan of King and Carrie was great. My favourite King story is The Eyes of the Dragon.. I highly recommend checking that one out. Other favourites are Gerald's Game, Needful Things, and Thinner. I don't instantly love ever King novel I pick up, but they rarely disappoint. Unfortunately they never translate well to film.

    Really enjoying your blog :) keep it up.