Sunday, July 3, 2016

Nowhere Child by Rachel Abbott

  When I started Nowhere Child, the short novel following Stranger Child, it had been months since I had read a Rachel Abbott book. The last book I had read by Ms Abbott was Stranger Child (book four in the DCI Tom Douglas series), and I was worried that the amount time absent from Tasha's story would blur my memory, and would make it harder to remember what had happened.
  But going back to Tasha's story was easier than breathing. Although breathing was something I was short of during my read of Nowhere Child. If anything, it was more intense than Stranger Child.
  Nowhere Child picks up where Stranger Child left off, and involves the same few main characters; Tasha, Emma, Ollie, Tom Douglas, and DI Becky Robinson (who is quickly becoming a favorite of mine).
  This is Rachel Abbott's first follow up novel to a DCI Tom Douglas story, and she did a brilliant job.
  Nowhere Child is a fantastic book.
  I love it just as much as Rachel Abbott's others, and possibly even more so than Stranger Child. I stand by my previous statement in saying Ms Abott's writing and stories are getting even better.

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