Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stranger Child by Rachel Abbott

  DCI Tom Douglas is on the hunt again in Rachel Abbott's fourth crime drama, Stranger Child.
  When Emma Joseph finds a strange, dirty-looking girl in her kitchen. she panics, thinking that the perfect life she's built with her perfect husband will crumble in just one home invasion.
  But what she doesn't know is that this girl is a flash from her seemingly "perfect" husband's past. The girl has a lot more secrets than she lets on...and they may just destroy Emma, her husband, and their baby's lives.
  Since this is the fourth book in the DCI Tom Douglas series, it is not my first read of Rachel Abbott's. I read her books in order, and fell in love from the very first story.
  But there's something about Stranger Child that was...mesmerizing. All of Rachel Abbott's books are exceptional (I didn't put her on my Favorite Reads of 2015 list for nothing), but Stranger Child took the cake. (At least, until I read Kill Me Again recently.)
  This just proves that although her books are all wonderful and nail-bitingly intense, her writing has gotten even better as time goes by.
  This makes me positively thrilled for what Ms Abbott has in store for us as readers, and DCI Tom Douglas (who happens to be one of my favorite fictional characters ever written).
  Stranger Child is positively addicting. It can be read by a new reader of Ms Abbott's at any time, but if you're interested in starting a binge of this series, I highly recommend starting with the first DCI Tom Douglas book, Only the Innocent.

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