Thursday, October 17, 2013

Death of a Schoolgirl by Joanna Campbell Slan

  Death of a Schoolgirl, book one in the Jane Eyre Chronicles by Joanna Campbell Slan, begins with a detailed and well described recap of the adventures and misfortunes of Jane Eyre (by Charlotte Bronte). The author gives us a brief history of Jane, her relationship with Mr. Edward Rochester, and what occurs after Jane's "happily ever after."
  As Jane (who's narrating) regales us with the story of her past, she receives an urgent and encoded letter from Mr. Rochester's daughter, Adele, saying that something terrible has happened at her school and she needs Jane to come...quickly.
  Death of a Schoolgirl, like Jane Eyre, is a complete work of fiction. But unlike the original, this story is not yet a classic. Joanna Campbell Slan has taken Jane's story and turned it into her own work of fiction. A sequel, if you will.
  Now, I thought it was borderline impossible for a present author to take a classic and turn it into something continuous- long after the author is deceased- and especially a story such as Jane Eyre. But miss Slan has miraculously succeeded. She has turned the ending of Jane's story into "just the beginning."
  From now on, when I read (or watch) Jane Eyre, I will immediately follow the ending with Jane's adventures in Death of a Schoolgirl.
  I started and finished this book in no time, mainly because when I put the book down, I immediately picked it back up again.
  Now, depending on your opinion of "redone" classics, you may not LOVE this new book, but I've got to tell you- it sure hooked me.

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