Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bud the Spud by Adam Byrn Tritt

  Bud the Spud by Adam Byrn Tritt is my first picture book review and I cannot think of a better place to start. It is a short and precious tale of what happened to Bud when he stayed inside all day, stopped playing with his friends outside, and literally turned into a couch potato.
  Bud the Spud has suffered from unmentionable and harsh criticisms, and- yes- in this day and age, banning. The author of this book has taken this criticism like a hero and states that his favorite quote (and review) is, "Adam Tritt is everything that is wrong with America."
  Bud the Spud is not your typical fairy tale or hero/princess picture book, it is an entirely unique story of its own.
  Most have said that Bud is too violent, too dark, or both...but may I remind these people that Cinderella's step sisters originally chopped off their toes to fit their feet into Cinderella's shoes? Or that Hansel and Gretel baked a witch in the oven- alive- because she was going to do the same to them?
  Kids are fascinated with quirky endings and dark humor when it comes to stories. It's what makes them want their parents to read them over and over again. Bud the Spud teaches the benefits of going outside and playing, exercising and having fun. In my opinion, there would be no harm in a child reading this book. (And just in case their parents find it unsuitable, Mr. Tritt has supplied his readers with alternate endings in the back of the book.)
  I honestly sat down, read the book and said, "Really? That's what people are worried about?"
  I believe that everyone has the right to decide what's best for their children to read. But I personally would rather see an adult walk by Bud the Spud in Barnes and Noble and not pick it up, than not seeing it in Barnes and Noble at all.
  I say pick up a copy, and see what you think. I, The Literary Connoisseur, love Bud the Spud.

I even got a signed copy!


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