Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Percy Jackson Series and The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan

  Well, it's that time of year again!
  No, I don't mean Halloween (although I AM looking forward to it!). I mean it's the time of year when Rick Riordan comes out with another Heroes of Olympus book. And what does the mastermind of Greek and Roman mythology have in store for us this year? Well, I'm glad you asked- The House of Hades was released a week ago! (Thankfully. I was almost positive that the ending of Mark of Athena was going to be the death of me.) Now, I haven't started it yet. I'm a bit tied up with other books at the moment, but I know that as soon as I have a break in my reading schedule (ha-ha) I'll be marathon reading until House of Hades is over.
  So, since House of Hades was released last Tuesday, I thought that there was no better time to write a blog post about Percy and Jason than now.
  The Percy Jackson series, beginning with The Lightning Thief, started in 2005 with our hero, Percy, finding out that he was a Demigod. (Half human, half Greek God.) He's told that he's the son of Poseidon and that he must quickly go to a Greek Demigod training camp to learn his full powers and how to beat evil Titans that are rapidly rising up from the depths of Tartarus. Fun, right? I thought so too.
  I fell in love with Percy! I fell in love with the story, the characters and their tasking adventures, and I especially fell in love with Rick Riordan. Some of his scenes had me laughing so hard, I almost cried! (Now that I think of it, I think I DID cry at some points!)
  But of course, as all series do, Percy Jackson came to an end, and all of Percy's fans had to say goodbye.
  Until The Lost Hero came out.
  When Percy Jackson fans (like me) heard that a new novel was coming out, we were shocked, excited and intrigued. Percy's story ISN'T done?? What's going to happen to Annabeth? Are there new foes that we need to help Percy fight?
  It was all very exciting.
  The Lost Hero was released and Percy fans could not be happier. The book starts with Jason, our new hero who is a Roman Demigod (Yes! There are Roman Demigods now!) and Percy, lost and confused and trading places. The Greek and Roman mythological history/lore states that Romans and Greeks have never been friends, or even close enough to be considered acquaintances. They are and always will be enemies. But when an evil force threatens to rise up and destroy the world, the Greeks and Romans must come together and fight side by side.
  The Heroes of Olympus books (starting with The Lost Hero) are much longer than the Percy Jackson books and, in my opinion, more action packed and more detailed. Which is probably why I love them more. I adored Percy and his adventures with Grover and Annabeth, but when The Lost Hero came out, I fell even more in love with the Greek and Roman Demigod story.
  I'm absolutely itching to read The House of Hades, even though I'm enjoying what I'm reading now. But now that Rick Riordan has announced the title for the fifth and final Heroes of Olympus book, I'm becoming anxious and eagerly await the ending of the series. Although, the last time Rick ended a much loved series, he had something up his sleeve...

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