Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Falling Stars by Charles Sheehan-Miles

  Oh, how glorious it is to be back with the Thompson Sisters! I've missed them all so much since that tragic day when I finished The Last Hour. But not only did I miss them, I missed their (sometimes not so) better halves; the boys of the Thompson Sisters' series. Crank and Sean (Crank's brother) are the men of this story, and boy, do I love them...just as much as the girls!
  So Charles Sheehan-Miles came out with this novella, Falling Stars, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I was back in the Thompson Sisters' world.
  The story follows Julia, Crank, Carrie and Sean as they make their way to Texas to visit an old friend, New York to get Carrie settled into college, and Boston to do the same for Sean. But as they travel across the entire country, secrets are spilled, love is born and renewed, and they learn the proper way how to react to a giant spider attacking the car.
  Crank and Julia haven't had the best summer. It's been quite horrible to be frank. But will they come back together on this road trip and save their relationship? Or will this be the end of their relationship?
  Falling Stars took me less than an afternoon to read (the paper equivalent to the ebook is about 80 pages), but I loved it just as much as a full Thompson Sisters novel. Five stars, just like the others!
  All of Charles Sheehan-Miles' characters are lovable and endearing in their own way, but if I were to pick a favorite (besides Sherman from The Last Hour) it would be Sean, Crank's brother. Charles has put so much depth and love into this one character (in my opinion), I almost feel as if he steals the show.
  If you're looking for a fun, sweet, funny and romantic read, Charles Sheehan-Miles is your author. Buy his books, sit down with a big cup of coffee (or tea) and relax with Charles, the Thompson sisters and their boys.


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