Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Glory by Mindy Haig

  Glory by Mindy Haig is an emotional and exciting adventure that takes you deep into the many betrayals in history. Paradise is lost for our fallen angel, Sammael, and he has devoted his eternal life to getting back at his father and seeking revenge. Throughout Sammael's many lives, he's had many names, come across many famous historical and religious figures...and has had a personal hand in historical chaos.
  Now, Sammael is in present time (well, semi-present time since it is the 90s), and he thinks he has found the one pure soul that can bring him back to Glory and Paradise...Kay Olsen.
  I was asked to read Glory, and I had no idea what I was reading until I started it. I previously read The Messenger, which is somewhat of a prequel to Glory. The Messenger gives you an inside look into Sammael and his past, hence the title: The Messenger: Sammael's Lost Memory.
  Of course, knowing Sammael's background, learning about his trying times and his heartbreak, and knowing about him being cast out of heaven, I immediately felt sorry for him and fell in love with him...
  ...but then as I read some of the terrible things that Sammael had done/is doing, I hated him more and more.
  I think miss Haig has officially produced the ultimate bad guy, that I loved to hate and hated to love.
  The Messenger and Glory are absolutely breathtaking works of art. They're spiritual, they're enlightening, they're insightful and they make you feel good inside. Sammael, Kay and Nate's story and revelations make you want to go outside and watch the sunset. They give you a whole new outlook on life.
  They make you feel good inside, yet simultaneously break your heart when her characters go through emotional turmoil and there's nothing you can do about it. (I say, sobbing on the inside as I recollect the last few chapters of Glory.)
  I'm contemplating whether I should rate Glory four or five out of five stars because it left such a huge impression on me. I feel as if four stars wouldn't be giving it enough credit.
  The Messenger is currently free and Glory is currently $3.00. Definitely download a copy of each. 



  1. Great review. Would you say these are geared more towards women or men or both? I am interested in the story and might have to give messanger a look.

  2. I would say that they're unisex! There is romance, adventure, violence, passion and spirituality in both novels. Each sex may prefer different things in the book, but I know they both can benefit from the story!

  3. DONE, I am gonna download the first one right now! Thanks for opening our eyes to new books!