Friday, October 11, 2013

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

  Stargirl is the story of what happens when a magnificently unique and eccentric teenage homeschooler goes to high school, Mica High, for the first time. Stargirl Caraway shows up to school in a array of colors, a storm of flowing skirts and sporting a ukulele so that when the time is right, she can sing happy birthday to those who need it.
  Our narrator is sixteen year old, Leo Borlock, who observes Stargirl and is not only confused by this interesting creature, he's intrigued as well. She's unique and that's just what he loves about her.
  When I had first started homeschooling, my literature co-op teacher assigned Stargirl to us to read and discuss, like she did with The Giver by Lois Lowry. Although unlike The Giver, many of the homeschooled kids who were reading Stargirl could relate to being different, being an outcast and being made fun of for being quirky.
  But Stargirl is not just for homeschoolers, even though homeschooling is a huge factor in the story. Oh no, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli is for every child, every teen and every adult who feels different and feels like an outcast at some point of their life. It's for any person who thinks that they're odd and unique. Stargirl is for anybody who needs someone to tell them that they're not an oddball, that they're special.
  I'm so thankful that I was raised with Stargirl (I can thank my homeschool literature teacher for that). It boosted my confidence when I needed it, it taught me how to treat other kids who act differently than "cookie cutter" kids and it gave me something to relate to when I felt that there was nothing.
  It's a beautifully written book altogether, and even though it doesn't seem like a children's book, it's actually located in the Children's Fiction section at the bookstore. Like many other Children's Fiction books, this story has become relatable and lovable to all ages. I originally rated Stargirl three out of five stars, but now that I recall what a lovely story it is, I don't think that three stars does it justice.

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