Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Seventh Magpie by Nancy Chase

  In this dark fairytale, the princess becomes the more ways than one.
  When Princess Catrin's mother vanishes unexpectedly, her father finds that the only way to cope is to send Catrin far away until she becomes of marrying age. Then he will have her sent back home and married, against her will.
  But Catrin isn't pleased with this choice. She decides to choose her own life, and she falls in love with a sailor that she's known since she was little...
  ...but fate has something else in store for Catrin and her father's kingdom. Catrin's sailor love is lost at sea on the journey back to Catrin's kingdom, and Catrin strikes a deal with her father. She tells him that it is impossible for her to love another in her lifetime, and that unless a faraway prince brings her a story better than the one her mother gave her before she disappeared, she will never marry (meanwhile doing everything in her power to find a way out of marriage).
  I'm being 100% honest with you, dear reader, when I tell you that this book had me interested from the very first page. I went into The Seventh Magpie without reading the synopsis, so all of these plot twists were completely new to me, and boy, was this book an adventure.
  Nancy Chase's storytelling is captivating and flawless. Her words will snag its reader, almost as if they are under a spell. Although there is no tonic to this spell; the only way to find a cure is to read more. And more, and more, and more.
  I was so hooked on this book, I started and finished it in one sitting. As soon as it was over, I felt like there was an empty hole in my chest that couldn't be filled ever again. I think the only thing that will come close to reading this book for the first time again is for me to buy a paper copy and keep it in my purse 24/7 just so I have it around and near me every second of the day. 
  I predict that Nancy Chase's The Seventh Magpie will make "My Favorite Books of 2015" list. I almost wish that I could make a "My Favorites" list early on in the year, just so I can give this story a giant spotlight. This book will leave you breathless.
  I will reread this book. A lot. I will probably read it to my children (when I have them...some day). I will highlight my favorite passages (not in my paper book, my Kindle of course, I would never damage my paper's priceless), and I will cherish this book forever and ever.
  Thank you, Ms Chase, for writing such a beautiful story. I will be sure to share it with the world, so that they can discover the beauty of your written word as well.

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