Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Farmer's Market Cookbook: From Broccoli to Zucchini Recipes to Make You Fall in Love with Vegetables by Lucy Leigh Hendry

  Have you ever decided to venture out to your local farmer's market, and purchase countless amounts of delicious, plump fruits and crisp vegetables, only to find them withered in the back of your refrigerator a week later? Unlike most genetically modified produce in every corner chain grocery store, locally grown food does not have the shelf life of two months.
  Have you ever bought a half a bushel of apples, saying to yourself that you WILL make a pie this weekend when your folks come over? Or saw a Pinterest recipe that caught your eye, looked good, and you pinned, fully intending to dig out your grandma's old crockpot with its stains and smudges from hundreds of previous recipes that generations of your family have made over the years?
  You don't need motivation or that nagging pressure of having to use the food you have in your fridge to FINALLY get yourself into the kitchen and cook...
  ...all you need is a really good cookbook.
  Now, this is my first ever cookbook review, but when I'm not reading or crocheting, I'm cooking, so I like to think that this is somewhat of a specialty of mine (I say as I'm tooting my own horn).
  I am one of the lucky ducks who's dragged to my local farmer's market every weekend by my mom (thanks, mom). I don't particularly enjoy shopping in the heat, outdoors, with bugs using me as their own personal target, coming from every direction, but there is one huge plus to sucking it up and making the haul to the farmer's market (or local produce stand).
  The Farmers Market Cookbook not only makes long-time experts in the kitchen fall in love again with cooking, it makes those who have never stepped one foot in a kitchen fall in love as well.
  Whether you've professionally baked 100 sweet potato pies for the county fair, or whether you can barely boil pasta without burning it, The Farmer's Market Cookbook will have you preparing deliciously healthy meals all year long.
  From cauliflower to spinach, this cookbook will have you preparing meals that will make even your picky eaters ask for seconds. (I speak from personal experience.)
  In fact, why not make it a family occasion and bring your children into the kitchen to help your prepare dinner? The Farmer's Market Cookbook turns the regular and taxing task of cooking a meal into an exciting adventure.
  *I* am even starting to add vegetables to the weekly "What to Look for at the Produce Stand" list. If there's anything that's going to get you excited about going to the farmer's market, preparing all of your locally (or home) grown ingredients, and pulling together a beautiful and healthy meal, it's this book.


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