Monday, August 3, 2015

Second Chance Family by Leigh Duncan

  I came across Second Chance Family by Leigh Duncan in a very unique way. 
  One day, when I still lived in Florida, I made a trip to my local post office to mail out some packages. The postal worker behind the counter asked how I was doing and what I was up to (since she has known me since I was very little). I told her that I was reviewing books. She said to me, "That is so ironic! Just now an author came in and told me about her work. She handed me a few bookmarks of hers..." and proceeded to give me a bookmark for Leigh Duncan's Second Chance Family. 
  I thanked her, we chatted a little while more, and I left with my new bookmark. 
  Fast-forward to a few months later, when I was contacted by a local Harlequin Romance author named Leigh Duncan. 
  The connection never crossed my mind.
  I read a few of Leigh Duncan's American Harlequin Romances, fell in love (of course), and accepted review requests for the rest of Ms Duncan's books. 
  That's when I received a copy of Second Chance Family in the mail...and a hundred light bulbs switched on in my head. 
  I had been wanting to read this book for MONTHS! Ever since I saw the cover, I knew one day I had to read this book. (But as a reader, you know that you put a thousand books on your To Be Read list per week, and you soon become somewhat buried alive in your own To Read pile.) 
  I was more than eager to finally read Second Chance Family. 
  It did not disappoint. 
  After a horrible experience with being married to a professional baseball player, Courtney Smith is not only extremely fed up with ex-husbands and baseball, she's fed up with the male species altogether. Courtney has two children to raise and a business to keep afloat. She does not need any sort of male drama in her life. 
  But one male in particular finds his way in to her life anyway. 
  Travis Oak has always dreamed of becoming a professional player in the major leagues, but for now, he is just trying to survive successfully coaching a little league team in his hometown in Florida. Especially since his main focus is trying to keep one of his kids on the straight and narrow and not get expelled. 
  This child just happens to be Courtney's son. 
  Can a little league coach, two children, and a woman who would be more than happy to stay away from baseball as much as possible come together and win the championship game? Or will someone have to take a long break in the dugout for good? 
  My favorite Leigh Duncan book has to be The Daddy Catch (so far), but I would have to say the Second Chance Family follows pretty closely behind along with Rodeo Daughter. (Which are all American Harlequin Fatherhood Romances... I'm starting to see a pattern here.) 
  Second Chance Family was sweet, realistic, and most of all, extremely satisfying. I like to look at this book as a puzzle. When you first start it, you can slightly see the possible outcome of what its finished product is supposed to look like. But when you reach that turning point, that "aha!" moment, the level of satisfaction that settles in your very core is indescribable. 
  Sometimes you just need a really good, happy book to scratch that literary itch, and Leigh Duncan most certainly provides that book. I know that when I'm in a reading lull, I can always rely on Leigh Duncan's books to pull me back out. 

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