Thursday, April 21, 2016

In the Country of Shadows by Cindy Brandner

  If you are in need of actual physical proof that author Cindy Brandner is an expert in the art of storytelling, look no further than her latest piece of literature, In the Country of Shadows.
  In the Country of Shadows is the fourth installment of the Exit Unicorns series, so I promise not to give too much away (my book reviews are all spoiler-free anyway), but I will say that tensions are high, and broken hearts cannot be so easily mended.
  When I started In the Country of Shadows, I was pleased to see that Ms Brandner had not lost her magical ability to spin stories together in order to create a literary masterpiece.
  What I didn't expect was to be so emotionally destroyed, I was incapable of starting a new book for several days after I finished it. I was emotionally destroyed in a good way, of course, in a way that only a true author is capable of accomplishing.
  This book left me breathless, wrung out, and entirely overwhelmed in every way possible. Cindy Brandner has broken my heart, pieced it back together, and broken it again with her words.
  I may say this every time I finish a new book of Ms Brandner's, but I'm confident in saying now that In the Country of Shadows is, by far, my favorite book in the Exit Unicorns series.
  Ms Brandner has completely outdone herself with this latest installment of Pamela, Casey, and Jamie's story.
  Bravo, Cindy Brandner. You've done it again.

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  1. YEP! Still reeling and it's been 5 days since I finished.... sigh
    Glad to know I'm not the only one feeling this way! <3