Monday, April 18, 2016

Cover Reveal: A Wizard's Forge, Book One of the Woern Saga by A.M. Justice

Cover Reveal for A.M. Justice's "A Wizard's Forge," Book One of the Woern Saga

As a long time fan of A.M. Justice, I was thrilled to hear her announcement about A Wizard's Forge. Her Woern Chronicles have captured my heart, and have given me MASSIVE book hangovers! It is with the utmost joy that I am here to announce the release of her latest project, A Wizard's Forge (coming this September)!

And now, A.M. Justice!

"In 2013, I released an indie novel called Blade of Amber. Rebecca reviewed it right here on the Literary Connoisseur, and she honored me and Blade with the #4 spot on her 2013 Top 5 List. Becca talked about how Blade inspired a book hangover, and I rejoiced that my first novel touched someone so deeply.

"But…I knew I could do better. I also happen to be one of those people who loves retellings and enjoys reimaginings. Battlestar Galactica is my all-time favorite television show, after all. The “reboot” has become commonplace in film and TV, but not literature. Who rewrites their own published novel? Well, I do, and with the help of my publishing partners at Wise Ink Publishing and the phenomenal cover artist Steven Meyer-Rassow, I turned Blade of Amber into this:

"A Wizard’s Forge tells how a young woman named Vic (short for Victoria) transforms herself from a shy scholar to a kickass warrior and ultimately a powerful wizard, all while trying to escape a man determined to control her. Ashel, the prince who loves her, will make any sacrifice to save her, but Vic must find her own path to freedom.

"A Wizard’s Forge and Blade of Amber share characters and plot, but in Forge I streamlined the narrative and made it more intense. Many new scenes tell a deeper story with a sharper focus and a faster pace. Gritty action, dark plot twists, and doomed romance carry readers through to a harrowing conclusion.

"The book launches this September, and over the coming months I’ll be describing my revision process in more detail on my own blog, as well as tipping my hat to everyone who helped make A Wizard’s Forge into a book I want to shout about from rooftops. But for now I’ll thank Becca for providing the first roof. I hope her readers love this cover as much as I do, and I hope everyone will look for a copy this September!"

A.M. Justice is a Brooklyn-based author, lover of science and wit, sporadic scuba diver, and once and future tango dancer. My characters live only in my head, but they’re real, and I put them through hell. Follow me on Twitter at, like me on Facebook at, and on my blog at

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