Monday, September 22, 2014

Rancher's Son by Leigh Duncan

  I am ashamed to say that before I dove into Leigh Duncan's Glades County Cowboys books, I had yet to read a Harlequin Romance. I am not entirely sure how I've lived my life so far without reading one, but I finally did, and it was well worth the wait.
  Rancher's Son was the first ever Harlequin Romance I read, not only by Leigh Duncan, but altogether, and it was amazing! As soon as I started the book I was interested, and I would only fall more in love as I read on.
  Sarah Magarity doesn't know if she was fully prepared to work for the Department of Children and Family Services when she accepted the job. She never knew how truly hard it would be to work, case after case, for children whose parents have abandoned them, and/or have come from broken homes. Little did she know that soon enough, one child would walk through her door who would change her life forever.
  And then there's James Tyrone Parker, or Ty, as his friends and family call him, who's escaped to the Circle P ranch for horse riding, cattle herding, and Floridian fresh air. After a tiresome and emotionally exhausting relationship Ty had years ago, he's sworn off relationships, and things that can only complicate his life.
  Little does he know.
  The thing is, Ty's previous relationship ended five years the same age as the little boy who just walked through Sarah's door.
  I don't have to tell you how excited I was to read this book after I read the plot. It was so good! I loved every single one of the characters in Rancher's Son, especially Jimmy (the five year-old), and I normally have a rough time adjusting to the way children in books are written. Leigh Duncan most certainly deserves an A+!
  If you're looking for an incredibly sweet story that will warm your heart, bring tears to your eyes, and renew your faith in the world, this is your book.

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