Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Bull Rider's Family by Leigh Duncan

  By the time I started The Bull Rider's Family by Leigh Duncan, I was positively certain that I would love every single one of her books. Each one has touched my heart so, and Ms Duncan should know that her books, and the Glades County Cowboys, will always hold a special place in my heart.
  I loved The Bull Rider's Family just as much as His Favorite Cowgirl, and I LOVED His Favorite Cowgirl. Although I didn't love it as much as I loved Rancher's Son, though, because that one was definitely my favorite. Possibly because it introduced me into the world of the Glades County Cowboys, but whatever it was, it stuck.
  That being said, The Bull Rider's Family has to be the most entertaining and the most whimsical.
  After a tragic loss that leaves the Circle P ranch shocked and in mourning, everyone is lost. But of course, the Parkers and the Judds are the strongest ranchers there are, and they must continue on.
  Colt Judd has just returned to his family's ranch after his incredibly successful career run as a bull rider, but he receives quite the unusual welcome as soon as he walks through his former house's doors...
  ...where he meets Emma Shane.
  Emma is a single mother, who has just about reached the end of her rope. But before she calls it quits at her old job as a line cook in New York, she receives the opportunity of working as a personal chef for a ranch, all the way down in Florida...the Circle P ranch.
  After a few catastrophes, a soaking wet and ruined cookbook, and a run-in with a few gators, The Bull Rider's Family was on its way to its happily ever after.
  Once again, Leigh Duncan has written another winner. Although, I do have to say I had a harder time adjusting to Emma's daughter and liking her, but when it came to the end, I was almost brought to tears with the book's sentimentality.
  I am positively in love with Leigh Duncan's work.

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