Friday, September 12, 2014

The Heaven of Animals by David James Poissant

  David James Poissant captures the very essence of humankind, all of the beauty, and all of the ugliness in the world in his book of short stories, The Heaven of Animals. From the very first story, Mr Poissant's storytelling and character details will capture your interest and not let it go until you finish the very last page.
  From varying scenarios of a father coping with his son coming out of the closet, to a pair of cousins who share a deep, dark secret, to a woman who helps her husband as he passes away from cancer, each story will affect you. Whether it touches your heart, makes you cringe, or speaks to you on a personal level, I guarantee you will be touched in one way or another.
  I know I was.
  By the end of the book, I definitely had my favorites. Some of the stories touched my heart so, I was very close to tears and I sat there saying, "Wow..."
  These are the sort of stories that will stick with you forever, and will become relevant to real life situations. You will find yourself at the post office, the grocery store, or the laundromat thinking, "Oh my gosh, that reminds me of that short story (insert short story title here) in The Heaven of Animals."
  This compilation of short stories can only be compared to the Mirror of Erised from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
  Each and every person who opens up this book and delves into the stories, will find that they are transfixed in David James Poissant's words, and will connect with it in some way.
  The Heaven of Animals is very well done. I'm so glad I was asked to read this book in exchange for an honest review, because it left a very large and wonderful impression on me. Well done, Mr. Poissant.

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