Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Stroke of Luck by Juli K. Dixon and Jessica Dixon

  Alex Dixon was a normal, everyday, happy-go-lucky child. She attended school, she was healthy, happy, and was living life as every 12 year-old should. Until one day when Alex came home from a recital, and curled up on the couch in pain. She couldn't straighten out again...for the next few years.
  From that day on, Alex's condition became worse. She was in constant pain, her body became twisted, doctors were clueless, and her family was frantic with concern. This is Alex's story.
  A Stroke of Luck, written by Alex's mom, Juli, covers everything from the family's reactions, to the medical procedures, to what occurred throughout with Alex and everyone around her. Add in an occasional insight from Alex's younger sister, Jessica, and you've got one compelling story.
  In fact, Jessica's POV (point of view) almost affected me the most.
  The struggle, the pain, and the torture that this family and their friends went though was just absolutely heart-breaking! It is a sentimental and sad story, but an incredibly inspiring one, and it fills one with hope and faith with a little luck and security thrown in.
  This story of unconditional love will make you draw your loved ones close and be thankful for every healthy day.
  The book is told by Alex's mom mostly, so as the reader, you get a direct insight of the raw emotions that go through a mother's being when she sees her child suffering. Her unconditional love, her desperation, and her exhaustion is so real and genuine, I felt...powerless. I sat reading, and I felt so helpless that I couldn't do anything to help this poor family going through this horrible turn of events. I couldn't even imagine what Alex's family must have gone through.
  But the Dixons' story isn't a story of pain, hopelessness, or incapability. It's a story of growth, faith, devotion, the undying love of a parent, and the knowledge that if you try hard and devote your undivided attention to something (or someone) that means the world and more to you, miracles can happen.
  A Stroke of Luck is the story of a miracle. A miracle, the power of an inseparable family (no matter how separated they become physically), and how love will in fact conquer all.

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