Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Shaman's Secret by Julie Copp

  The Shaman's Secret follows the lives of its three main characters; Macca, who has just been wrongly accused of raping a girl in his village, incredibly strong and independent Anani, Macca's cousin, who is a young girl in the Tribe of the Jaguar, and Lorinda, who lives in current times and is the last descendant of Anani. As the book progresses, it mainly follows the story of Anani and Lorinda, their feats, their strengths, and their growth in two different times and worlds. Macca's story is at the beginning, but it's not the last you hear of him.
  Let me begin with my opinion of the story and this section of my book review by saying that not only is Julie Copp talented in the artistic sense (Ms Copp designed and drew the book covers of the Tribe of the Jaguar series herself), but she is also talented in writing and storytelling.
  I enjoyed this book the whole way through, but near the end, and at the very end, my infatuation transformed into full-out love.
  I loved this book, but most of all, I loved the ending.
  This story is very educational, and very informative, but in no way dry. It supplies perfect escapism, as well as information about tribes back in the time of The Shaman's Secret.
  Anani is an incredible main character. She's very strong, she's very independent, and she's a wonderful role model for young female readers.
  I could easily see this book becoming a favorite among young readers, both male and female.
  I'm very, very excited to get back into the world of the Shaman and Anani, and I cannot wait to start book two, Songs of the Windwoman.

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