Friday, February 7, 2014

Meeting Dennis Wilson by Max Shenk

  Today marks the day that I officially add Meeting Dennis Wilson to my "Favorite Coming of Age Books" list. Meeting Dennis Wilson is incredibly comical, sweet, and ultimately feel-good.
  Of course you all know how much I adore John Green and his work, so when I say that I fell in love with this book just as easily as I fell in love with Paper Towns or An Abundance of Katherines, you'll know I mean it.
  Meeting Dennis Wilson can easily be compared to a teenager who's just coming of age. They're awkward, quirky, hilarious, and loads of fun to be around.
  This book is the story of Brian, and his band of friends. There's Brian, our main character, who's a normal, everyday teenage boy whose goal in life is to see a girl in her bra. There's Christy, Brian's girlfriend, whose friendship goes all the way back to that one day where they stripped down naked in a cornfield. (Don't ask, just read it.) Christy's sister Kathy, Brian's buddy Marty, and then there's Margo, Brian's best friend. Margo's half American, half Canadian and absolutely obsessed with Beach Boys band member Dennis Wilson, hence the book's name.
  This book is incredibly feel-good. When you dive into the world of Meeting Dennis Wilson, you'll be immersed in good times, humorous teenage mistakes, hijinks, amazing music from the 70s, and emotional scenes that will warm your heart.
  When reading Meeting Dennis Wilson, I most enjoyed Brian's relationship with his friends. They reminded me of my own friends and our own chaotic adventures. Read this book if you're looking for a feel-good book, you won't regret it.

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  1. Thank you, Rebecca... you know, for some reason, TODAY is the first that I've seen this review. Much appreciated and glad you enjoyed it!