Monday, February 17, 2014

Casey's Courage by Neva Brown

  The story of Casey's Courage by Neva Brown had a lot of potential. Before I started it, I refrained from reading the synopsis, but shortly into it, I got enough of a taste of it to see where it was going to go...and I liked it!
  Casey has been smitten with the gorgeous and dashing Jordan Spencer the Third ever since she was thirteen years old. But since then, the two have not seen each other, or followed through on their infatuation with each other.
  Until now, when Jordan ("Tres") comes back to Casey's ranch to see her...but Casey isn't thirteen anymore.
  Just when everything starts to go smoothly, Casey is thrown from her horse, and suffers a serious head injury. She now must learn to grow and return to the way she was before.
  When I first started Casey's Courage, I expected it to be a flat-out romance novel. Gorgeous heroine, hunky but troubled male love interest, a romantic setting- "But wait! There's something keeping these two apart!" etc. etc.
  I was very pleased to discover that there was more to Casey's Courage. Once I got to the scene where she is thrown from the horse, I was intrigued to see where it was going to go. There was now a legitimate problem that could possibly keep these two from having a happily ever after.
  But I'm sorry to say that it stopped I read on, I became incredibly distracted, and couldn't focus on what was occurring in the book. I unfortunately became uninterested in everything from there on in, except maybe what happened with the couple.
  I'm sorry to say that this was not the book for me.
  But I encourage you all to try it and see if you like it. It has a very promising plot, I found it to be incredibly well-written, and there is a heart-warming romantic story.


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