Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Literary Connoisseur Meets Skinsations Soap

I'm very pleased and honored to say that my baby, The Literary Connoisseur, has expanded and grown even more, and is now partnering up with another business! Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Skinsations Soap; handmade soaps, bath and body items made from the gentlest ingredients that can be found. 

In addition to promoting and posting about books, I will continue to promote and post about book related products such as Skinsations Soap.

I have recently received some of Skinsations Soap's book related products, and I tell you now, I will NEVER go back to regular soap.

Here's what I received in my package...

From left to right, Highland Heather lotion, Jamie Fraser soap, Celtic Starlight soap, and a beautiful Amber soap.

Highland Heather Lotion:
The Highland Heather lotion is a gorgeous lavender color, with soothing properties that can soften even the toughest of skin. I've been using Highland Heather lotion every day now since I've gotten my package, and my skin has gotten softer and more beautiful with each day that passes. I even have texture issues, and rarely ever use lotion since it leaves a residue. Thankfully the Highland Heather lotion by Skinsations Soap leaves no residue, and is does not bother my sensitivity. I will always buy from Skinsations Soap from now on when I need body and hand lotion.

Celtic Starlight Soap:
Celtic Starlight soap is sweet, soft, and absolutely delicious smelling! (Note: I said "smelling" not "tasting.") As soon as this soap is used, you are instantly transported to a starry night in the Highlands, full of magic and wonder with just a hint of the salty tang of the sea. If you've read the Outlander series, I'm sure many scenes will come to you as soon as you pick up and smell this beautiful combination of scents. 

Jamie Fraser Soap:
This particular soap is my personal favorite. Like the Celtic Starlight soap, as soon as this bar of magic is used, you are instantly transported to another time and place. Unlike the Celtic Starlight soap, Jamie Fraser's scent takes you to directly the man Himself. And honestly- besides the intoxicating smell, and the wonderful scrubbing sensation you get when you run the bar of heather, musk, pine and firewood over your skin- what's better than stepping out of the shower and smelling like Jamie Fraser? 

Amber Soap:
The Amber soap is also one of my favorites. The Jamie soap is, smell-wise, my favorite, but the Amber soap is my favorite, feeling-wise. In the Amber soap, you'll find a miniature dragonfly charm, that as days go by, rises to the surface of the soap. The smell is to die for, the feel of it is pure bliss, and I'd be lying if I said that the dragonfly charm wasn't my favorite part of the soap. This soap was inspired by the book, Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon, and I can't help but picture myself in the story every time I use it.

Skinsations Soap is a fantastic company, packed full of original and incredible soaps, lotions, and more book-related handmade items. As I said before, I will never go back to regular soap. From now on, The Literary Connoisseur will only use Skinsations Soap.

Here are some more gorgeous products from Skinsations Soap:

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