Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pasta, Poppy Fields and Pearls by Sophia Bar-Lev

  What do you get when you take four ladies from different corners of the world and put them together in Tuscany for bi-weekly lunches? The new and improved Golden Girls!
  Carmela, Janet, Paula Jean and Cecilia are the neatest women you could ever hope to hang out with and hear stories from. They've walked all walks of life, seen things you could only dream of, and had (scratch that, ARE having) the best adventures one can have.
  Coming from all different places, nationalities and histories, each and every one of these ladies has secrets to share and protect...
  I found Pasta, Poppy Fields and Pearls to be very Eat, Pray, Love-esque, in a way where I shouted "I want to be like them when I grow up!" These ladies do things that I could only dream of doing, and I've now made it my goal in life to be like them. I want to grab a handful of my friends and head to Tuscany this very minute to have adventures of my own!
  I enjoyed Sophia Bar-Lev's story very much! It was fun and funny, but without being light. (Light meaning no depth.) Pasta, Poppy Fields and Pearls was very deep. It had mystery, sentimental scenes that left me staring off into the distance contemplating reality, and enough intrigue in it to keep me flipping to the next page.
  After I finished the book, I was craving more from the author, I was craving more of the Tuscany Golden Girls' story and more books written by Sophia Bar-Lev.
  I rated this book five stars because I can see it already leaving a huge impact on me, and I'm sure that impact will only get bigger with age.

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